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At INTaxWise, we believe in offering clients an unique and personalized service. The experience and quality service we provide help built trust and confidence among our clients. INTaxWise was founded in 2011 by Henri Rajan with the sole purpose of using the knowledge and experience as a tax inspector and tax advisor to ensure clients the best possible tax and business service. At INTaxWise we strongly believe that you do not have only obligations but you also have rights. Our purpose is to ensure that you receive a quality service.

Through our three integrated service lines – Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services – and our strong understanding of businesses and economic environments, we help our clients make efficient and constant progress to business performance and maximize tax returns to make them achieve their most important goalsType your paragraph here.

Henri Rajan, founder of INTaxWise.

Henri Rajan is the founder of INTaxWise and began his career as an assistant accountant at an accounting firm in the Netherlands. In November 1997 he joined the Tax Administration in the Netherlands and continued to work as an tax inspector till January 2006. Responsibilities included the tax issues (including appeal cases) of both (large) local enterprises and Multinational enterprises. In January 2006 Henri Rajan joined the Tax Administration in Aruba where he also was involved with the introduction of the Turnover tax Ordinance (BBO). In July 2008 he joined a local Accounting & Tax Consultants firm as a tax lawyer, where he was in charge of the Tax & Legal department. Furthermore, he was responsible for the tax issues which arose in the branches in Bonaire and Curacao. In the period April - October 2012 he was an associate at a local advisory firm. Henri Rajan holds a Master's degree in Tax Law from the Tilburg University. Furthermore, he holds two Bachelor's degrees, one in business economics and one in tax economics. 

In order to be of a greater value to both enterprises and individuals and to be more flexible Henri decided to start his own Tax Consulting practice. His broad experience and expertise and the fact that he has operated at both sides of the table (as tax inspector and tax advisor) ensures you of the best possible tax and business services.
INTaxWise is specialized in different areas related to tax matters (both national and international)/accountancy. We are more than willing to inform you personally about all our services. You can contact us through this Webpage

                                -    Restructuring of enterprises;  
                                -    Corporate income tax; 
                                -    Personal income tax;
                                -    Wage tax;
                                -    Sales tax;
                                -    Inheritance tax;
                                -   Tourist tax;
                                -    Land tax;        
                                -    Tax appeal cases;
                                -    Guidance of tax audits;
                                -    Cross-border tax issues;
                                -    Tax returns;
                                -    Fiscal paragraph of financial reports;
                                -    Tax due diligence investigations;
                                -    (international) tax planning e.g.