INTaxWise financial services provides comprehensive, integrated solutions to all financial needs. Our industry knowledge and strong understanding of business and economic environments, allows us to recognize and deliver services to each client’s unique business needs. We encourage clients to focus on their core business by taking care of all their financial needs. 

  • Monthly bookkeeping services
  • Annual preparation of financial statement 
  • Producing necessary financial records 
  • Consulting on business overall financial health 
  • Financial long-term planning 


Incorporation of companies (establishing business.)

Tax​ Services

Our other services

Growth is an important term in the business world. Businesses are constantly striving towards improvement and growth. INTaxWise has the necessary experience and insight to help clients confidently achieve objectives and improve business performance. 

INTaxWise provides client-centric compliance services ensuring clients to receive consistent, high quality services. Our approach helps clients prepare for the unforeseen, identity and to mitigate risks, strengthen organizational risk culture, and achieve regulatory standards for compliance. 

Working together with small, medium and big companies to create an efficient and reliable payroll process on a month to month basis or on a bi-weekly (14 days) basis. We provide clients with a personalized payroll experience, so they can focus on what they do best. 

Payroll Package: 

  • Monthly reliable payroll 
  • Handing in monthly declarations 
  • Full Time monthly payroll support 

We offer clients help and guidance with all migration efforts, such as residency and working permits. We also offer clients tax/accountancy/payroll assistance during the migration period for all business needs 

The services that makes business happen. Our incorporation service helps clients structure their business with speed, value and ease. Clients are advised the most appropriate structure for   their business venture. We provide constant guidance and full time support during the entire incorporation process. We guide you in the process of obtaining a business or director’s license at the department of economic affairs (DEZHI).


INTaxWise offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. Clients engage us because we combine specialist tax knowledge with a strong understanding of business and economic environments. 
Tax services
⦁ Tax Planning 
⦁ Tax Accounting 
⦁ Tax Compliance 
Our years of experience in the tax department as well as consultants to business and individuals, provide us with the necessary tools to maximize our tax services. We invite you to leverage our experience, knowledge and business insight to help you succeed.